Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people take their next steps towards maturity in Christ by loving God and others like he does. Maturity in Christ means to become like Jesus in the way we live life in our everyday lives. Another way to put it is that we are learning and living the way of Jesus together. We seek to be disciples of Jesus who invite others to be disciples of Jesus in the places where we live, work, and play.

Our Values

Because our mission is maturity in Christ by being like him, our values are based on the characteristics of Jesus. When Jesus lived as a man on earth, he showed us how God looks in flesh. He has called us to follow him in living through the power of his Spirit to reflect him in the ways we live every day. Here are the values we seek through the character of Christ in us.

Committed Belief in Jesus Christ
  • An apprentice of Jesus believes that He was chosen by God the Father as the only way of salvation from sin and death by his crucifixion and resurrection.
  • Believers who are committed followers of Jesus learn to live His way of life by allowing Him to transform our desires and actions.

Abide in Jesus Christ
  • An apprentice of Jesus seeks to abide with Him both alone and with others, so that they can learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's leading.
  • Abiding with Jesus means creating space in our lives for prayer and worship, through which we share with God who we are and hear who he is, so that the Spirit can speak to us and change our hearts and minds.

Becoming Like Jesus Christ
  • An apprentice of Jesus seeks to learn from His word and life how to be like Him in their everyday lives.
  • Becoming like Jesus requires genuine actions that come from a heart willing to be corrected and made different from the standards of the world around us.

Trust Jesus Christ
  • An apprentice of Jesus trusts that He will continue to provide everything they need to live in relationship with Him and follow His will.
  • Trusting Jesus Christ is based on rejoicing in His faithfulness both in history and our lives while at the same time stepping into His will for us today.

Go make Disciples
  • An apprentice of Jesus is called wherever they live and work to invite and encourage others to abide with, trust in, and follow Jesus.
  • Encouraging others to follow the way of Jesus is done through spiritual conversations and actions that help them know and see the love of Jesus in their lives.

Care for the vulnerable
  • An apprentice of Jesus responds to vulnerable people around them by prayer and actions that seek their well-being.
  • Caring for the vulnerable means growing in compassion toward physical, emotional, and spiritual pain in others and responding with justice, kindness, and generosity toward them.

Work toward reconciliation
  • An apprentice of Jesus seeks reconciliation both with God and others by repenting, asking for, and offering forgiveness even when it is not deserved.
  • Reconciliation is sought by doing everything we can to actively love those who have wronged us by showing mercy to and having compassion towards them.

Sacrifice our lives
  • An apprentice of Jesus seeks to be like Him by giving up possessions, time, and selfish desires by submitting their will to His.
  • Sacrificing like Jesus will require transformation in our hearts and in our lifestyles.