Prayer Team

We want to pray with each other about the joys and struggles of life. So at HomeFront we offer a few different ways pray as a community. Please let us know what we can join you in paying about.

First, we have a prayer book available at every worship gathering. Anyone can add a praise or request to the list which is then prayed over during our worship time. Often this is done in a corporate way, but from time to time we break into small groups to pray over them.

For those who have a more private concern we offer a card that can be placed in the offering for our elders and prayer team to pray over. You are also always welcome to email any requests to the office to be shared with the same team.

As part of our commitment to pray for one another, about once a month we will take time during our worship gathering to pray in small groups. We encourage but do not require everyone to participate, so you are also welcome to pray alone during these times. We know that this is different from what many of us are used to but it is an important part of helping us pray with and care for one another.

Our community is also learning to pray together anytime we spend time with each other. Whether that is part of a planned event or after catching up over coffee. Our hope is to be a church that is talking with and listening to Jesus as often as possible.